Dr. April Segal, PharmD, BCPS, APh



Dr. April completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin + her Bachelor of Science degree at Texas A&M in Nutritional Sciences. She moved to San Diego in 2014 to complete her PGY1 residency at UCSD. She obtained her Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy in 2016 + her Advanced Practice Pharmacist designation in 2017.

April has experience in a wide range of pharmacy settings including retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, + ambulatory care pharmacy. Prior to opening Remedy, she was practicing as an Advanced Practice Pharmacist within the Scripps Health system. She is passionate about working with patients, personalized medicine, integrative medicine, + advancing the practice of pharmacy. Outside of work she enjoys playing with her dog Wally, traveling to her hometown of Austin, + spending time with her friends + family.





Anne Salazar RH {AHG}



Anne is a 2nd-generation San Diegan, + the mother of 3. She's a professional member of the American Herbalist’s Guild, the only professional organization for herbalism in the US. She obtained her clinical herbalism certifications in Eastern + Western herbal medicine at Self Heal School in SD, + the East West Course in Professional Herbalism in Santa Cruz, which included intensive studies in nutrition + supplementation.

She has extensive experience in teaching herbal medicine + giving lectures. She has 10+ years of experience working in the field of Integrative Medicine at the forefront of blending traditional medicine with allopathic medicine working alongside pharmacists in order to reach the best outcomes for patients. Anne has extensive experience in private consulting + creating personal protocols for patients. She specializes in women’s health + boasts practice with all types of health challenges.




Kelsey Conger



Kelsey is an Herbalist + Holistic Nutritionist born and raised in San Diego. She began her studies in herbalism 9 years ago, while living at the Dandelion Herbal Center in N. California. Since then, she has earned certifications from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the American Fitness Professionals Association in herbal medicine and nutrition.

Kelsey worked at an herbal apothecary in Colorado where she created custom herbal formulations for clients from a selection of over two hundred medicinal herbs. She helps her clients cultivate health and wellness from the ground up, digging deep to discover the root causes of imbalance. Kelsey believes that what is good for people, is good for the planet. By making simple choices in our day-to-day lives we can have a profoundly beneficial impact on our own health, the health of our local and global communities, and the health of our planet. Her mission is to spread awareness and to empower people to reconnect to their health and nature!





Dr. Kellie Kocher, PharmD



Prior to attending pharmacy school, Dr. Kellie Kocher graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from California Lutheran University + spent several years working in the biotech industry. While earning her Doctorate in Pharmacy at UCSD, she volunteered as a Pharmacy Manager at the UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic's downtown site which is located near Remedy. She moved to Northern Nevada after graduation + worked at an independent compounding pharmacy + at a regional grocery store chain in the retail pharmacy setting.

Kellie has a passion for patient education + she enjoys having a direct, meaningful impact on others through personalized pharmaceutical care. In her free time, she likes to explore San Diego + spend time with her longtime boyfriend, their pets, + friends.






Dr. Stephanie Matinpour, PharmD, BCGP



Dr. Stephanie is a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, who received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy + completed her general Pharmacy Practice Residency at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA.  

For the past 20 years, she has worked in various pharmacy settings including Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, + as a Clinical Pharmacist managing patients with chronic medical conditions. She has a passion for providing the most current medication info to her patients to ensure they have tools to be their own best advocate. She's passionate about medication safety + geriatric pharmacy. Over her professional career she has partnered with several local nonprofits to provide medication safety workshops + education seminars for Seniors. She has served as a Pharmacy Practice Residency Preceptor at Kaiser Permanente + an adjunct professor for the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy, as well as UCSD School of Pharmacy. When not helping patients you can find her enjoying the weather + beaches with her family.




Gianne Rayandayan



Gianne is an Herbalist from the San Francisco Bay Area who has lived in San Diego for most of her life. She earned her BS in Cognitive Science from the University of California San Diego in 2017, + is soon to complete her certifications from San Diego’s Self Heal School + the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in Boston, MA. She is into her second year of internship with Clinical Herbalist Dr. Toni Camacho PhD, HHP, AHG.

Gianne’s mission is to bring awareness to one’s inner-reserves of healing. She supports clients in addressing their body’s deeper systemic imbalances. From there, wellness can exist on a foundation of lasting change. Gianne is especially passionate about Herbal Medicine in the context of Holistic Mental Health. By offering herbal support + education to her community, she hopes to shift the narrative of healthcare to one of trust, joy, and empowerment. Her daily rituals include meditation, art, + gardening.










I founded Remedy out of a desire to re-think medication use + the pharmacy experience overall. I wanted to create a community space where people can get answers about their medications, where natural approaches are welcomed (even encouraged!), + where people are treated with respect + compassion.

 In the past, pharmacies were hubs of the community - they were a place to see your neighbors, a place to pick up your medicine, + a place you actually enjoyed going. Your pharmacist knew you + was available to talk with you. Sadly, the role of the community pharmacy has changed today, but I am on a mission to create a New (Old) Kind of Pharmacy. We all deserve better!

 I set out to create a space where we could incorporate all the tools we are fortunate to have available today, from Western to Eastern medicine, from pharmacogenomic testing to compounded medications. My goal is to make getting your medications a more enjoyable experience + to inform you about the options you have - moving medicine away from a one-size-fits-all assembly line to a truly personalized experience. I am also passionate about sustainability + conscious consumerism, which is why you will find biodegradable prescription vials, eco-friendly practices + stocked brands that have the same values.

I hope to have the opportunity to be your pharmacist soon! You know where to find me.

Dr. April Segal

Pharmacist + Founder